we unfold
we disclose
we bond
we share
we regulate
we manipulate
we close

at the close, 2021
Metall, nylon strap, necklace, resin, pigment

By disclosing ourselves, we strengthen emotional ties. We bond. We learn about our needs, feelings, hopes, and thoughts, and thus about the potentials to support and help each other. Self-disclosure can be a cathartic experience, and sometimes we just want to satisfy our desire for social appreciation. Simultaneously we face a latent fear of manipulation when we share our thoughts and what is appropriate in which moment is determined by social conventions and moral convictions. To be in control of our vulnerability and to avoid negative consequences, we seek out spaces where we feel safe. We try to share our secrets in a targeted and autonomous way, but often we are not even fully aware of whom we address and who has access to our shared content. Sometimes we simply close.

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