Part of the group show walking on rolling stones
On display during the Klima Biennale Wien

Emitting a soft humming noise technology is logging data, while our bodies act as filters ordering the myriad of sensations. Both constantly remapping the layers coevally uniting and separating known and unknown. The air is thick with dust. Hues of brown and orange dominate the surroundings as if the land was dipped in a warm, earthy palette. Distances warp and weights shift strangely in this realm filled with debris, parched grass, and an endless expanse of overarching sky. As terrestrial concerns wane and time softens its grip my consciousness syncs in with the sun’s trajectory. Adapting to this new ground we venture further up and encounter areas where the debris crust is fractured by massive rifts, exposing its colossal wetness concealed within. we crawl in, attune, and reach out. A vital inorganic compound encapsulating time, leaking, frozen, and yet oddly radiating a dormant warmth. The debris itself seems to act as both a shield and catalyst of dissection deteriorated by agents of weathering, following its own paths towards diagenesis. While sediments consolidate under overburden pressure our interhuman bonds transform under field pressure and fungi perform alchemy using caterpillars to transmute into fabulous ore. As the sun descends air temperature drops quickly to inhospitable levels, each eclipse unveiling the galaxy in all its splendor. The twinkling expanse of the Milky Way.

walking on rolling stones is about temporality and our biased relation to it. Formations playing tricks on our sense of scale and monumentality evapotranspirating into the atmosphere, respirated by cells. About the social construction of science and the romanticization of traveling. The exhibition was developed in collaboration with the Pellicciotti group Cryosphere and Mountain Hydrosphere at the Institute of Science and Technology Austria (ISTA) and on display during the Klima Biennale Wien.
Vesper Moreau

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